Situated in Lakeland, Florida, Socrum is a community of relatively unremarkable suburban homes. Single-family residences and mobile homes range in size from moderate to large in Socrum. The vast majority of the homes are occupied by their owners. Most of the homes in the Socrum area were constructed after the year 2000.

When compared to other American communities, Socrum’s vacancy rate of 15% is significantly higher than normal. In some areas, such as those dominated by universities or vacation spots, a sizable portion of the housing stock is only occupied during the academic year. If you plan to make this area your permanent home, you should be aware that many dwellings remain unoccupied for long stretches of time.

It’s important to consider several factors while evaluating a neighborhood, but appearance and personality are usually the first things people notice. A person might take note of things like the uniformity of the architecture’s era or the presence of bilingual storefronts. Lakeland’s Socrum area stands apart for a number of reasons, both in terms of its aesthetics and its way of life.

One out of every four children in this country lives in poverty, but the Socrum area has one of the lowest rates of poverty in America. Also, more than 2% of the people who call Socrum home have a same-sex partner. This is significantly higher than the national average. Exclusive data shows that there are more same-sex couples living in this area than in more than 95% of all U.S. neighborhoods combined.

Socrum is a neighborhood in Lakeland with a moderate income because its residents are mostly middle class. When compared to the median income of all American neighborhoods, this one ranks higher than 56 percent. Not only that, but the poverty rate for children under the age of 17 in this area is zero percent, lower than in every other community in the United States.

What we do for a living is an expression of our personalities. You can learn a lot about a community and determine whether or not it would be a good fit for your way of life based on the kind of people who live there. Approximately thirty percent of the labor force in the Socrum area is composed of people who work in executive, managerial, and professional jobs. Employment in the secretarial, assistant, and technical support sectors accounts for the second largest share of the workforce in this area.

It’s a linguistically varied area, with speakers of a wide variety of languages. The languages listed below are the ones people most often use with their families at home. More than 80% of households in the Socrum area report that English is their primary language at home. Spanish and Korean are also widely spoken here.

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