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The decision of where to settle should be made far in advance of any attempt to acquire a house there. Demographics, proximity to work or school, conveniences, the quality of life in the neighborhood, and other aspects of the area all play a role. There are a few methods you may figure out if Downtown Lakeland, Lakeland, is a suitable fit for you if you’re thinking of relocating there. How ‘neighborly’ a community is may be roughly reflected in its demographics, for instance. There are a lot of renters living in downtown Lakeland.

The factors that influence an individual’s perception of their quality of life are varied and often personal. Some potential homebuyers may prefer a walkable metropolis with lots of attractions close by, while others may long for the calm streets and wide-open spaces of the suburbs. While the concept of being car-reliant is unthinkable to some, others would give anything for a short commute to their weekend hangout.

Considering this, it’d be helpful to have some idea of the conveniences accessible nearby and whether or not you can get by on foot. It is recommended that you drive or take a bus to get around downtown Lakeland (which has a 50 walk score and a 70 bike score). This area could also be ideal for you if you drive an electric car and are trying to find a place to live that is close to charging facilities. Five different places in Downtown Lakeland, Lakeland offer 9 level-2 charging outlets for electric vehicles.

One person’s idea of a good school may be another’s idea of a school with a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities or college preparation for its students. For this reason, parents often use third-party review sites like Niche to help them choose a school, as different people’s perspectives can have a significant impact. You should still make sure these evaluations are accurate by consulting additional sources, for as by physically visiting the school.

It’s not unexpected that home prices are generally higher in areas with highly regarded public schools due to the consistent demand for real estate there. Checking out the local schools and their evaluations is a smart idea if you currently have or plan to have kids in the future. In addition to the four A+/A/A- rated public primary schools in the area, the district also features the Magnolia Montessori Academy and the Lincoln Avenue Academy. There are seven public middle schools in the area with B+ or above ratings, including Bok Academy, Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, and South McKeel Academy. There are four A+/A/A- ranked public high schools in the area, including Polk State College Collegiate High School, McKeel Academy of Technology, and Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School.

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